A blog is an online journal where you can create and post entries or messages. The difference is that in most cases, a blog is open to the public allowing others to read what you posted, but you can also keep a private aspect of all or part of your newspaper. This is the simplest explanation for a blog.

Sites traditional blogs and blog Web 2.0 differ in many respects. The traditional blogs allow you to create a blog and post messages on the Internet, but at least put a promotion campaign for your blog, nobody will.

Blog Marketing

Once the search engines have indexed, you will see some traffic come to your blog, but not much. Therefore, you need to do a major promotion to get traffic worthy of the name.

With a Blog Web 2.0 you can create your own blog and post your first message, but people will see them almost as soon as you publish.

The blog sites are Web 2.0 social sites are a lot of promotion. Other users or surfing the web will see your message and will visit your blog or simply read a particular message.

Most blogs of this type not only enable you to classify your blog in an appropriate category but they also allow you to categorize each post appropriately to enhance their visibility.

Another good way to generate more traffic is to take the time to read messages from others blogs and leave a comment in response to the topic. Most bloggers you will return the favor by visiting your blog. I converted some traffic using this practice.

In addition, effective marketing, you must leave open the comments section on all messages from all your blogs social sites you use.

The comments section can give you an idea as to what sales tactic works and which does not work. Returns on these comments are one of the best ways to judge what customers or potential customers think of what you offer.

For those who launch a Website selling products you need to make these products. Some of these sites let you upload pictures and even videos on your blog. Download some pictures of the product so that people can see what you speak.

Remember to add text. It has been demonstrated that image with little or no text does not convert very well. Do not forget to link this image to your site, so that anyone who clicks on the image to be directed to your sales page. It is preferable that you bind an image of a product directly to the page.

For those who provide a service, your messages should not always be just be about what you offer. Add information that proves that your service was useful and effective, research and feed your blog posts that support the benefits of your services.

The videos you want to place on your blogs should be short lived. I recommend a maximum of five minutes. Customers do not want to spend much time on video and will tend to leave before the end if it is too long.

Also make sure that your demonstration will be done during those five minutes. Do not wait until the end of your video to explain what you mean.

The same advice can also be applied to text. Do not write long messages, the average user does not spend much time reading before moving on to something else. The important thing is to capture their attention and provide useful information to get them on your Website, it is very important to write your messages so they are as short as possible.

Also intersects your messages in two with some pictures or an occasional video and you should see the arrival of people from your social network pages.