Laziness Slows Internet Marketing to a Standstill

Laziness Slows Internet

Lazy internet marketing executives cause internet to crash yesterday, reducing the amount of traffic and sales at various websites, traffic exchanges, and blogs. Unofficially, officials said that an article, originally produced several years earlier, was sent out to hundreds of folks, causing the internet to mainline for twenty minutes. Thankfully, purging systems allowed the World Wide Web a chance to make a full recovery! Officials say the internet won’t even remember the occurrence and therapy is not needed. The internet is resting comfortably and taking things on a daily basis. The suspect: A letter produced and used, effectively, to build lists and secure internet fortunes in the late nineties and early two thousands, resurfaced causing all creativity and original thoughts to cease, and internet search engines bogged to a standstill because of the overload of duplicate articles and e-mails.

Laziness, this one single word flares tempers and causes fights. Teenagers hate being called lazy by adults, teachers, and authority figures and rebel. Adults hate being classified as lazy simply because it goes against everything we were taught as a youth. When there comes a time to enjoy a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon, guilt sets in and I have to find something to do so I won’t feel slothful! Sound familiar? If it does, then why are you being lazy with your internet affiliate business? Don’t get me wrong; when I first started this business, I too, was guilty of being languid. I sent out the pre-packaged e-mails and articles hoping to brand myself. Then, one day, my inbox was filled with the same letter from nine different people, all trying to sell or offer me the same opportunity. Delete, delete, delete, deleteā€¦ you get the idea!

In a business that teaches and preaches branding one’s own image and personality, why do so many marketers use these letters, articles, and e-mails? These artifacts were designed to give you an idea of how to approach our OWN letter or article. They are designed to promote thought along the lines of the thoughts created by successful industry leaders. They are not designed to be used as a one-size-fits-all tool for image branding. Do they work? Yes, that’s why they are there; to let you know what works.

Now, I am the first to admit I am slothful. I am the guy who will only empty half of the clean side so I can make room for the dishes that need cleaning. However, when it comes to my job, or the upkeep of my home and family, I will work sunup to sundown and have on multiple occasions. However, I can no longer be lazy with this business. It must be treated as such or it will never grow.

To stop being indolent, I am going with my gut, my beliefs, and my own words, thoughts and opinions; and I am going down fighting. If the only way I can succeed in a branding business is to use someone else’s words, thoughts, and ideas, then I am going to fail miserably and enjoy every minute of that failure! I want you to see me; I want to get to know YOU. I am going to lay it all on the line and force myself on you like a mosquito on a fat guy! ( Oh, that would be me, again).

Stop being lazy in your internet ventures, and see what kind of results you get. Or, stay tuned as I provide my exploits in this arena. If I fail, then, by all means, do not follow me. I do not want to be the one to lead you down that road! I seriously only want to help. However, I recently pitched the canned material in favor of my short, but sweet, approach, and I have to say, the results get better every day! Meeting so many new friends means I cannot be lazy with my business. Relationships don’t survive without hard work and determination.