A lot of people are now using the social giant Facebook to market their business, it used to my MySpace that was used but that is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With so many users from all over the place this social network has massive potential for anyone wanting to promote themselves there. It is true though that a large percentage of those making us of Facebook for their marketing purposes are doing it wrong and are just blatant spam idiots. It’s happening all the time for me and I’m sure for you also if you have a lot of marketers on your friend list. You log in and every time there are several emails there pitching some ‘amazing, fantastic’ business opportunity.

A Successful Facebook MarketingBy learning what works and what not to do, I see no reason why you cannot have great success with Facebook as a promotion tool. We must remember that it’s all about socialising online and therefore our main use for it is to formulate relationships with folks. The promotion of our opportunities can happen naturally at a later date when we have developed connections with folks.

We will take a quick overview of the Facebook marketing strategy that will work for your business.

1) Set up your Facebook profile so that it is interesting and personal to you, don’t just fill it with information about your business but include as much personal information as possible, pictures work great, make sure you always look happy :). The purpose of your profile is to let the world know about YOU, not just your opportunity

2) Add friends so that you can begin networking with people, you can search for groups on Facebook for almost any market niche. Be intelligent about it and find groups other than the ‘online business’ crowd.

3) Search for groups that you can become a member of, groups that are relevant to your niche are good. Most group owners will allow you to post on the wall so you could post some useful information to the wall.

4) You can make your own groups. You can invite your friends to join or you can even use Facebook’s paid advertising system to get new members. It is very similar to building a list.

5) Create a personal video greeting to your new Facebook friends and tag them to the video. There are not very many folks using this tactic and it is extremely powerful.

If you know how to do it properly, you can get a lot of very targeted leads using the Facebook marketing strategy.