Digital Marketing: The Hottest Marketing Trend?

Digital Marketing: The Hottest

What is new in the marketing world today? The economy has not recovered from the slump yet. Many companies are still affected by it, forcing them to freeze marketing budgets shortly until everything goes well again. Is this the right move? Is it a smart move? No. Companies should do more promotional activities to encourage more people to spend. Frozen spending slows down the economy even more so in fact the economy needs people to spend more actively to help it recover. But consumers cannot be blamed for not spending because saving for them is more important in this economy. So what will encourage people to spend? Companies need an effective marketing strategy that will move people to action rather than to hold on to their cash.

The newest trend in marketing today is clear. Companies are starting to move away from the expensive search engine optimization strategies and AdWords. They need a more affordable way of promoting and advertising their businesses and digital marketing has paved the way. They need results that are more measurable and they found it in the mobile phone driven market. Millions of people now have mobile phones and won`t leave home without it. Therefore, the promoting of products and services has a better chance of reaching new consumers through digital marketing. Digital marketing uses the power of short message service (SMS) and mobile multimedia system (MMS).

Look around us, newspapers and other print publications are not as popular as before because news and feature articles can now be easily accessed by the internet. People already have the privilege of skipping TV commercials with the use of DVR technology and so expensive TV advertising is starting to lose its hold on consumers. MP3 players have replaced radios, hardly anyone listens to AM, and FM stations anymore, so advertising on TV or radio is not necessarily the right solution anymore. The best avenue for companies to effectively market their products and services is through the internet but it is still very expensive when companies need to build websites and implement search engine optimization strategies to get traffic and make sales.

Digital marketing beats all of the old and traditional ways of marketing because for as little as $99 per year, companies can already market their products and services to millions of mobile phone users in real time. Digital marketing packages come in two types  long term and short term. Managing this digital strategy is simple; Messages can easily be customized and mobile phone users have the option to opt-in and opt-out from alerts and updates that are totally free to them. Companies can keep track of which sales pitches are hot and which are not and usually, there is no limit to the number of SMS or MMS messages that companies can send to their digital subscribers. This marketing strategy is at its infancy stage but the results so far are very promising. Digital marketing will surely go a long, long way.