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Angry Birds

Since 2009 video game company Rovio Mobile has put out revision after glorious revision of it’s amazing game Angry Birds with great skill and the marketing precision of a world class brain surgeon. That’s why when I heard about the release of Angry Birds Space, a true Angry Birds sequel I knew I had to get a copy and check it out. I have pretty much downloaded every update of the Angry Birds franchise since the first free trial game to the last holiday version whatever one that was. I downloaded a version of this game so many times I forget what the last one was to tell you the truth. However one thing I can say for sure about Angry Birds Space is I can’t stop playing it!! It’s still Angry Birds but the space aspect really makes it a new kind of fun that I feel will keep people playing for quite a while.

With this new version of Angry Birds it’s the Space part that is so cool. You now are dealing with gravity or the lack of gravity and how being close to a planet can have some weird effects on your birds. Basically it’s the same game play as all the other Angry Birds games as you would expect. You have a slingshot, you have your angry birds, and you have those nasty pigs you are trying to knock down on each level. The cool part is now you have the aspect of gravity that can either cause your bird to fly off into space or orbit around a planet or moon on its way to hitting one of the pigs or their structures. What is also knew if the aiming system shows you how your bird will curve around a moon or planet in orbit due to the gravitational pull of the object it’s moving around. What’s really amazing is how simple it is to understand how this works and how natural it feels from the moment you first start playing it. It’s not complex at all and really is fun right from the start. One of my favorite things to do was slingshot a bird around a planet and into the target I was looking to hit. The folks at Rovio Mobile have really done it again as far as I am concerned.

Another cool part of Angry Birds space is there are a couple new birds to talk about that have some very fun and interesting weapons of destruction. First there’s the Ice Bird which as you can imagine turns anything it touches into frozen blocks of ice that can be shattered oh so easily. Then if that’s not bad enough there’s the all new Laser Bird. This is a two step attack. You let the laser bird fly from the slingshot and then press any spot on the screen to create a target and he attacks it with a laser strike. All the old birds are back and their attacks have also been altered slightly based on the effect messing with gravity has on the game play. You can use the Red Birds to bump into asteroids to help push them into pigs or push pigs into close proximity of a gravitational force and pull them down to the eventual demise. The blue birds splitting up into three is back and those little birdies can go off in any direction one you start getting them orbiting around an object. It’s just a different kind of game but yet the same game when it comes to Angry Birds Space. Whatever it is, it’s definitely a great deal of fun to play. Once people are done playing all the levels of Angry Birds Space I know they are going to start asking for more.


Unless you don’t watch television or you’re currently living under a rock you have heard about the hilarious hit sitcom featuring 4 nerdy yet entertaining college professors who all work at the same University. The lives they live, their love lives, and the funny moments that happen quite frequently from episode to episode are the main plot of the show. If you want more information there are writers who have done a far better job than I could ever do describing the show so I would highly suggest you go check that out when you have the time. Reruns are on all the time as well. But this review is talking abut the app “Sheldon Tees”. Sheldon Tees is simply a portal. A portal to fashionable t-shirts featuring one of the shows main characters “Sheldon Coooper”.

The good points
When you load the app it opens to a title screen and then to a very simple picture menu featuring 3 categories. Each category features products that you can buy to show the people in your life that you are a huge fan of Sheldon and the show he comes from.

Category 1 : Big Bang Theory Tees – This category features t-shirts that either quote or portray funny moments from the television show, involving Sheldon. Several Shirts include ever popular knock “Penny Penny Penny, Sheldon’s joke catch phrase “Bazinga!” (also the apps icon by the way), and the always funny “Wesley Crushers” bowling shirt featuring the episode where the guys were bowling against Will Wheaton’s bowling team. If you didn’t know Will Wheaton played a character named Wesley in Star Trek The Next Generation and he plays one of Sheldon’s enemies in the show. Yes there are a ton of Star Trek and Star Wars references in the show. If you were wondering.

Category 2: Shirts Seen on Sheldon Cooper – I know what you’re saying…AWWWWSOME!!! Yes that’s right folks now you too can dress like Sheldon Cooper! Some of the shirts you can wear to go out and pick up chicks are…The Aqua man shirt in bright orange with a green and yellow aqua man emblem on it. The melting Rubicks Cube that shows that the cube is your bitch! The coolest Red and Yellow “The Flash” looking uniform t-shirt you have ever seen. Yeah you’ll be racking up the digits in these babies! And one more just because I like you…what wardrobe would be complete without Sheldon’s signature Green Lantern t-shirt. You will feel just like the green hero when you put this one on.

Category 3: Accessories! – This section shows you the numerous accessories you can score, to go with your fabulous looking Sheldon Tees t-shirts. Accessories such as…The Soft Kitty Head Plush pillow, A Green Lantern Projection Ring, and of course super hero women’s knee high cape socks! Yes you will be looking and feeling spiffy in no time with some of these accessories.
So I know what your thinking? Is this a joke? Is this some kind of commercial for a store disguised as an iPhone app? Well yeah!! However it really is and iPhone app too. Every Time you click the “buy now” button it takes you to, and that’s who put together this app with the help of AppBrick as well. So it’s kind of an app and kind of a commercial, but in the end it’s all in good fun because you get to buy really cool and really nerdy gear to celebrate the character Sheldon Cooper and the show “The Big Bang Theory” and isn’t that what matters most? I think so!

The Bad Points

The app is a little boring if, could be a little prettier, and it’s sometimes a bit unstable. I had several crashes while testing out the app on my iPhone 4. Not really a big issue since I could simply just reload it but it is a little annoying. Otherwise, it’s pretty good for what it is. A way to get fun t-shirts.

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